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hamilton county new york

Hamilton County is located in the state of New York. It is named after Alexander Hamilton. Its county seat is Lake Pleasant.

Hamilton County is one of only two counties that lie entirely within the Adirondack Park (Essex is the other). It is the least populous of New York's 62 counties and is also the most sparsely populated county in the eastern half of the United States, with a population density of just over three people per square mile.

On April 12, 1816, Hamilton County was created by partitioning 1,800 square miles (4,700 km2) from Montgomery County, but due to low population it remained unorganized and administered from Montgomery County, N.Y. until it was recognized as sufficiently organized for self-government on January 1, 1838. The organization process was completed by Summer of 1847.

Hamilton County is in the north central part of the state, northwest of Albany. It lies entirely within Adirondack Park and consists mostly of publicly owned parkland.

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